Eagles Draft Pick: G Mike McGlynn

Monday, May 12, 2008 ·

Pick #109, Mike McGlynn - OG/OT - Pittsburgh

The Eagles did not draft Jeff Otah, but they did draft Pittsburgh's other offensive tackle in Mike McGlynn. McGlynn was a 4 year starter at Pittsburgh and he had 100 knock-downs/key blocks last year, including 17 resulting in touchdowns while making 13 more blocks down field. McGlynn was a versatile offensive lineman who can play both right tackle and right guard. He was graded 90% or better for blocking consistency in four consecutive games in 2007. Better than Jeff Otah.

Positives: Demonstrates excellent athletic ability, displaying good initial explosion off the line. He is very nimble or a lineman and while he had just adequate timed speed, he gets out on traps and pulls in a hurry, maintaining balance throughout his stride. Also, McGlynn shows potential at becoming a center. He has an ability to retain plays and know all of the position assignments up front, he could be a natural calling blocking assignments at center.

Negatives: Needs to add more muscle tone to his midsection, but has the natural playing strength to dominate, especially when blocking in-line. Has adequate initial quickness getting off the line of scrimmage, but compensates with tremendous hand quickness to lock on, steer out and control his man. He needs to continue to improve his hand punch. He needs to show better consistency opening his hips to stay on blocks longer.

Draft Grade: B+


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