Coburn and Timonen Could Play in Game 5

Friday, May 16, 2008 ·

Good, no great news Flyers fans. Apparently not only Braydon Coburn may return to the lineup on Sunday, but there is also the possibility of Kimmo Timonen returning. [Comcast Sportsnet]

"If I feel (Friday) that I'm good to go for Sunday, then I'm good for Sunday," Timonen said after Thursday's win. "There is nothing to prevent me from playing. I may have numbness in my toes, but if I can deal with that then I can play.

"We took another ultrasound, and based on that the doctor said I have a green light to give it a try. The doctor feels that there is no chance the clot is going to get loose or break up or anything like that. It's a great sign. A week ago they were afraid it was going to get bigger and cut loose."

Timonen's return would be extremely huge as he is considered the Flyers' best defenseman and by some even their best overall player. Timonen's return would be an extreme boost to the character of the team as well as the power-play and penalty kill units.
Coburn had hoped to play in game 4 after practicing Wednesday, but the swelling did not subside enough in his left eye. Now, the Flyers have 2 nights off before game 5, which could help increase the chances of Coburn and Timonen's returns to the lineup. Of course, the Flyers should put neither player at any risk that could effect their future, which I think was a big reason why Coburn did not play tonight.


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