100 Seasons* of Agony

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 ·

The Flyers Conference finals defeat marked 100 seasons* in Philadelphia without a professional sports title. Why the asterik? Technically, only 98 championships have been rewarded during that span because of the 1994 MLB strike and the 2004-2005 NHL lockout. Sports Illustrated did a nice piece on the 100 heartbreaks since Maurice Cheeks slam dunk to the title. Video of our last Championship in Philadelphia after the jump. However, this is one thing I disagree with on this list. They mention Penn's basketball team. If we're discussing Philadelphia college basketball teams, Villanova won in 1985, unless they're not including Villanova as part of Philadelphia. They later include Villanova though in their loss to Old Dominion.

Highlights on the List
100. Phillies lose 10,000th game in franchise history
92. Sixers sign Kenny Thomas to seven-year, $50M deal | July 16, 2003
89. "Talkin' About Practice" | May 9, 2002
71. Phillies sign Gregg Jefferies to four-year, $20M contract | Dec. 14, 1994
62. Eagles trade up to pick Antone Davis trade with No. 9 overall pick | Apr. 21, 1991
57. J.D. Drew sits out whole year instead of signing with Phils | 1997
49. Scott Rolen forces trade to Cardinals | July 29, 2002
35. The Tommy Hutton game | Sept. 15, 1997
26. The Fog Bowl | Dec. 31, 1988
11. Red Wings dispense of Flyers in Stanley Cup Finals | June 7, 1997
2. 1993 World Series, Game 6 | Oct. 23, 1993


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