Eagles Update: April 1st

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 ·

Joselio Hanson signed a one year deal to stay with the Eagles. The Eagles offered Hanson a tender off in February and he signed it today and the contract will pay him $1.47 million for next season. Last year, Hanson suplanted William James as the nickel cornerback for the Eagle. He also started for games for the injured Lito Sheppard.

Also, the Eagles have been awarded three compensatory picks in the 2008 draft, there were only 15 total. The Eagles now have 11 picks in the upcoming draft which should give them the power to move up in the draft if they need to.

The Eagles accounted them for the losses of Shawn Barber, Jeff Garcia, Rod Hood, Michael Lewis, Donte Stallworth, and the signing of Kevin Curtis and Ian Scott.

The Eagles draft picks are as follow:

Round 1 - Pick 19
Round 2 - Pick 49
Round 3 - Pick 80
Round 4 - Pick 115
Round 4 - Pick 131
Round 5 - Pick 152
Round 6 - Pick 184
Round 6 - Pick 191
Round 6 - Pick 200
Round 6 - Pick 203
Round 7 - Pick 230


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