Kyle Lohse Signs with Cardinals

Thursday, March 13, 2008 ·

Well for everyone had the hope that the Phillies would sign free-agent pitcher Kyle Lohse, it is time to move on. Lohse has reached an agreement with the St. Louis on a one-year deal worth about $4.25 million. [ESPN]

With the recent, dare I say pathetic, play from our pitching staff in spring training, especially from the guys likely to fill in the #3-5 spots in the rotation, Kyle Lohse would have been a nice "cheap" addition to at least bring some form of veteran consistency to the rotation. It really boggles my mind that the Phillies continue to push off their mistakes onto their fanbase. They overpaid for Adam Eaton, not the fans. The Phillies ownership needs to understand they were wrong and have to make an immediate attempt to fix it. Don't get me wrong, I liked what the Phillies did this off-season, but they did very little to upgrade the back-end of their rotation.

There is basically no one left in free agency and now if the Phillies plan to fix their rotation problems, they'll have to do it internally or via a trade.


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