Jamie Moyer is Our Third Starter

Thursday, March 13, 2008 ·

"Jamie Moyer doesn't mentor Cole Hamels. Cole Hamels mentors Jamie Moyer."

Jamer Moyer has been named the third starter in the Phillies rotation. [Phillies.com]

So, currently our rotation looks like this: Brett Myers, Cole Hamels, Jamie Moyer, Kyle Kendrick, and Adam Eaton or Kris Benson. So...why didn't we sign Kyle Lohse? I don't want to reiterate everything I just said in the previous post, but the whole rotation situation makes absolutely no sense to me. We wonder why Adam Eaton gets paid so much, but what about the guy who signed him, Pat Gillick? Anyway, why keep ranting when the franchise will never understand how important pitching is.

Anyway, good for Jamie Moyer, earning the third spot in the rotation by default at the age of 45. Hopefully, this team hires him as the pitching coach next year. Fuck Rich Dubee.

Let's pray and hope either Carlos Carrasco, Josh Outman, or Joe Savery suddenly become extremely unhittable and MLB-ready.


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