Hamels is All Pissy

Monday, March 3, 2008 ·

King Cole has been known to have the attitude of a diva, and he has shown it once again. The Phillies recently renewed his contract for $500,000 and Hamels deemed it to be a "low blow."

From the Daily News:

"You just want to be treated fairly, equally, and if you're not, then you're going to remember it," Hamels said after pitching two innings in his spring-training debut against the Yankees at Legends Field.

"They do want to keep you happy . . . you can't just all of a sudden throw everything out at [a player] at the last second and think that's really going to make him happy, because he's still got check marks for what they didn't do in the years before," said Hamels, who could be eligible for arbitration as a "Super Two" after this season. That status would mean he is ranked among the top 17 percent of players who have at least 2 years of service and less than 3.
Cole Hamels is not the only one upset. Milwaukee Brewers Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun are also crying about their contracts. These young kids have to understand that this is the way the system works. They'll get a bigger pay day in the future if they follow the system up properly. When the players sign the CBA, they agree to this system. When compared to Chien-Ming Wang, Hamels got similar pay after his first full season in the big leagues. Hamels asked for $750,000 and he is getting around $500,000. Hamels continued to come off as a drama queen who always complains when he doesn't get his way. I love his ability, but he and the rest of the league need to understand how the system works. From now on, we'll call this the Ryan Howard Effect. Ryan Howard's record-smashing contract will likely start the new inflation in baseball contracts and the crying of young players who feel they're undervalued. News flash, if the players don't like it, don't sign the CBA.


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