Make it 4 straight losses

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 ·

Tonight the Philadelphia Flyers suffered their 4th straight losses, largely due to bad turnovers by defensemen, who have been playing very sloppy lately. It is really hard to get angry with Paul Holmgren, but the acquisition of Jim Vandermeer has been a pretty bad one. The guy is absolutely terrible.

Tonight, the Flyers lost to the Islanders 4-3 and had goals from Briere, Hartnell, and Lupul

They're playing PATHETIC hockey recently. Absolutely pathetic. The defensemen have been atrocious this year. You'd think that playing a team who has lost 7 straight would help you rebound from your losing streak, but nope.

They have Tampa, 2 against Montreal, Ottawa, and and San Jose over their next five games. The way they're playing now, they'll be lucky not to lose 9 straight total games.

Expect the Flyers to become very active in the trade market.

And Danny Briere? I know he scored today, but the guy is absolutely lost in his own zone and has been horrible when teams are at even strength since about November.


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