John Buccigross' Top 10 NHL Stories

Wednesday, February 6, 2008 ·

The Philadelphia Flyers one year turn-around is considered one of the top NHL Stories by ESPN writer John Buccigross.

6. Time for me to Fly(ers)

The amazing turnaround of the Philadelphia Flyers has been shocking. This is no doubt in part a result of the biography of former Flyer and current NHL broadcaster, Keith Jones. The book is called "Jonesy" and I highly recommend it. I personally have a box full of them and it has brought great luck this year. In September, I scored my second hole-in-one. This was on a par-4. This was done just as "Jonesy" was being released.

Coincidence? This Flyers team was dead last in the Eastern Conference last season … by 14 points! This season, they are second and will likely eclipse the 100-point mark. Because of great trades, the explosion of Mike Richards as an All-Star player and world-class leader, and aggressive free-agent signings, the Flyers are in position to give their fans another great spring. You really might want to think about getting that "Jonesy" book. It could change your life.


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