Flyers Lose Tenth In a Row...And Richards for 3 Weeks

Sunday, February 24, 2008 ·

The Flyers were just seconds away from earning their first win in their last ten attempts, but they gave another game away as Jay Bouwmeester floated the puck in with 3.7 seconds and it somehow found the back of the net to force overtime. Olli Jokinen scored the game-winner on the power play with a little over a minute left in the over-time period to defeat the Flyers 2-1. The Flyers are now 0-8-2 in their last 10. The Flyers lone goal was scored by Daniel Briere on the power play.

That game result was not the only loss that the Flyers would feel as they lost Assistant captain and young star, Mike Richards, to a torn hamstring. The injury will force him to miss around three weeks.

The ten game losing streak ties the worst in franchise history. What should the Flyers do? I know we all want to see the playoffs this year, but I am not sure if a move they make for a rental is worth it. The Flyers need to keep their young core together and they should not make any moves unless they can sign their acquired player to a long-term deal. This is only the second or third time in Flyers history where the team has had to rebuild. I prefer Paul Holmgren not to make any Bobby Clark type moves to mortgage the future. I think the Flyers only real expendable player right now is Jeff Carter and he could bring in some talent. I'm tired of watching his pathetic attempts on breakaways, but realistically he is a restricted free-agent in the off-season and I am not sure the Flyers want to re-sign him. Lets not forget he was virtually traded with a first round pick to Toronto for Thomas Kaberle a few days ago, but Kaberle refused to waive his no-trade clause. There's 20 games left on the season. If we don't see some wins, I'd like to see some heart out of this team.


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