Arbitration Day

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 ·

Today, Ryan Howard and the Philadelphia Phillies will have their arbitration hearing. Ryan Howard has asked for $10 million and the Phillies were willing to pay $7 million.

"Maybe people are worried that I'm not all flipping out and that kind of stuff," Howard said as he slipped on his cleats prior to the Phillies' first official full-squad workout. "I'm just staying calm right now."
He did not exactly assure the Phillies fan base that he'll be here for years to come [after his arbitration years], but he didn't exactly say that the result of the hearing would have a negative effect.

I understand where both parties are coming from and for those who don't know, you have to understand this is how it works with regard to service years. I think the Phillies should have offered him closer to $8 million, but I think the Phillies were a little upset with how Howard came in out of shape last season, though in the second half he put up great numbers again.

Bill Conlin feels Ryan Howard will win his case for 5 reasons.

Personally, I am not exactly sure if Howard will win, but if he does lose, I feel the arbitration number will be closer to his number than the Phillies. Though some of his Howard's numbers aren't exactly the greatest, it is hard to argue against the accolades of Rookie of the Year and National League MVP in his first two seasons.

Let's just hope the hearing does not see an ugly side.


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