Phillies sign Pedro Feliz

Monday, January 28, 2008 ·

The Philadelphia Phillies signed free-agent third baseman, Pedro Feliz, to a two-year contract. The agreement is pending a physical.

Feliz is often known for his outstanding defense. The Fielding Bible considered Feliz to be the best defensive third baseman in baseball last year. Adding Feliz is huge for pitchers such as Jamie Moyer and Kyle Kendrick who pride themselves off of getting ground balls.

Offensively, Pedro Feliz is a below average hitter in the sense he does not find the base paths that often (Career OBP - .288) His 162 game averages are as follows:

AB: 526
R: 64
H: 133
HR: 20
RBI: 77
BB: 28
SO: 93
AVG: .252
SLG: .433
OPS: .791

Outside of his home run pop, he does not offer much offensively. The good thing is that the Phillies are already a great run scoring team. You should see Feliz's runs and RBI numbers rise with the players in front and ahead of him.

If you can't improve pitching, you should at least improve defense and the Phillies have done that. Expect a very, very good defensive team for the Phillies next year.

Side Note: Pedro Feliz was a Type B free agent so the San Francisco Giants get a sandwich draft pick.


Anonymous said...
January 28, 2008 at 7:28 PM  

I really like your blog template. My buddy Pete feels the same as you do about the trade. Definitely a good move for the team and an upgrade over last year.

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