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Tuesday, December 4, 2007 ·

Ken Mandel reports,
- Gillick has said that the agents for Carlos Silva and Kyle Lohse have informed him that they want to keep as many teams involved as possible. The Phillies expect to sign neither.

Though I would not mind Carlos Silva, I feel that both he and Lohse are going to demand 4-5 year deals in a very inflated market. We have enough young pitching coming up within a few years that it is not worth wasting money on someone who is not a stud pitcher for the rotation. There are other options out there where we could sign them to a three year deal or less at a cheaper rate.

- The Phillies are considering Pedro Feliz as a third base option.

I like Feliz's defense, one of the best in baseball, but his offense is so atrocious that it makes the deal almost not worth it. I have yet to see what Feliz's demands are, but they could bring back Abraham Nunez likely for cheaper and Nunez defense is right up there with the top third baseman in the league. Nunez offense is actually a little better as well. Feliz has a career OBP of .288.

The Phillies are still considering Geoff Jenkins.

The corner outfield free-agent market is extremely thin. Most people are saying that Jenkins is likely to land a two to three year deal. I'm not sure what I think, but I believe he will be a little expensive for their liking, and would extremely put a damper on our defense. Also, he's another left-handed bat. We needed a right-handed bat that can hit for average and power (Aaron least in our park).

The Phillies have interest in Erik Bedard according to Jayson Stark

It sounds nice, but I am not sure what have to offer him. The New York Mets want to make a trade for him as well, and I have a feeling the Phillies name is involved just to raise the Mets offer.

The Phillies have serious interest in pitcher Livan Hernandez according to Yahoo's Tim Brown.

I do not want him at all. His career numbers against the NL East opponents are not very good at all and I think his heavy workload in the past is finally catching up to him. His WHIP is becoming far too high to add to our rotation where he'd likely be the third starter in the rotation.

Jerry Crasnik reports, the Phillies might be willing to stretch to four years for Rowand or at least three years with a vesting option for a fourth.

The Phillies almost have to sign Rowand now. He is to valuable to their line-up and everyday defensive lineup.

Gillick has said it is "50-50" that the Phillies will acquire a pitcher via trade vs. free agency.


GoPhils! said...
December 4, 2007 at 9:01 AM  

So glad I'm not the only one who thinks that spending big money on mediocre pitching is a mistake! Let's develop what we have-what's wrong with building a Phillies dynasty starting now?!

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