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Monday, December 3, 2007 ·

Justin evaluated the Eagles' play yesterday. The team seems lost, especially without their savior. But as unstable the team is, Donovan McNabb is just as unstable.

McNabb is weird. There is so much going through his mind these past years and if he wrote a book, it would sell. Here is what I think is going through his head:

-He couldn't handle sharing Philly with TO. He waited for TO to do something dramatic so McNabb could make TO look like the bad guy.

-He tries to right wrongs too much. When he brought up the race issue w/ QB's, he was right in what he said but wrong in saying it. His timing was bad (Eagles and him were struggling so it looked like he was making excuses). Also he is trying to change the opinions and ideas we as American's have on the black community. There is still prejudice and we don't realize it or admit it. When a prominant black figure points it out, he is made to look like the bad guy for "complaining." Rev. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are 2 exceptions. They stick their nose in business they shouldn't be a part of. McNabb is trying to right a wrong which in turn is making him look bad.

-He's also afraid of being a stereotypical black QB. He's trying to stay in the pocket and pass first, run as an escape rout. The traditional black QB always had run as an option, including his predecessor perenial starter Randall Cuningham. I bet when Vick got big as a scrambler, McNabb was afraid of being compared to him. He was also afraid of being compared to Brett Favre. He wants to be his own breed but all the unique routs have been covered over the years.

-I think he's finally cracked. He's become the face of the organization and the entire team is put on his shoulders at the ends of games i.e. the Super Bowl and games he's blown since then. The team relies too much on him and will slack because they think DMac can save the day.

In the end. McNabb isn't quitting. He's running out of gas.


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