My Eagles Rant

Monday, December 3, 2007 ·

I hate Andy Reid with a passion. His playcalling is consistently atrocious. It seems to be the only thing consistent for this teams. You have 4 tries from the 1 and you don't run one qb sneak. Are you telling me your that stupid of a human being to not tell AJ Feeley to just get behind Andrews and go? Props to Seattle's defense for stopping us there, but you definitely gave them the advantage. Feeley's a life-time backup and he sucks, who gives a fuck if someone yanks on his facemask. Maybe he won't stare down a fucking receiver.

AJ Feeley - Read above. Stop staring at your receivers. I am sorry you were consistently forced to pass in these shit conditions, but seriously, you're not the back-up qb in the Pac 10 anymore with a bunch of teams who don't play defense. When you stare down receivers in the NFL, you get picked off 3 times by a fucking linebacker.

Brian Westbrook - I love you (no homo). You are amazing. I hope this cheap ass organization actually pays you what you deserve. Your a top 5, some may include you higher, all around running back in the game.

Reggie Brown - You're a joke. Try to get open for once please. Learn how to run a route.

Lito Sheppard - you're quickly becoming a has been all-pro. Sure you've had some great picks in the past, but more than half your interceptions came against one team (Dallas) and their years of pathetic quarterbacks. You come up with a big game every once in awhile, but you get often burnt in man to man coverage.

Sheldon Brown - way to hit, that whiff sucked and I would have preferred you tried to wrap Morris up, but you seem like the only defensive player who actually cared yesterday.

Dawk - Sorry, but you've seemed to have lost a step. It comes with age and I know you still actually care.

Our special teams as a whole is still pathetic.

We're getting near that time where we have to start over.


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