The War of Words--It's On!

Friday, November 2, 2007 ·

Earlier this week, Donovan McNabb made an innocent comment stating that anyone who plans to win the NFC East has to come through Philly.

Well, the most overrated safety in football, Roy Williams has decided to fire back.

"Right now, they are in no position to talk about everything going through Philly," Cowboys safety Roy Williams said of the 3-4 Eagles.

"Some teams went to Philly and beat them. No one is worried about 'You have to go through Philly.' You have to go through Dallas, you have to go through Washington and you have to go through New York, too. Everybody feels they are the best."

McNabb's Response:

"I feel every week that health-wise, I'm getting better," McNabb said in a post entitled 'It's On.'

"I will continue to strengthen and rehab to get to where I once was and better. I also will make sure my guys are ready, prepared, and fired up to get this WIN."

[Dallas Morning News]

Please back your statements up McNabb. I think all of us Eagles fan would really appreciate it. We all know the Eagles are really not a 3-4 team, but we also know that we've made the costly mistakes to deserve being 3-4.

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