Phillies Acquire Lidge

Thursday, November 8, 2007 ·

The Philadelphia Phillies have acquired Brad Lidge in a 5 player deal from the Houston Astros. Yesterday, the Phillies sent OF Michael Bourn, RHP Geoff Geary, and 3B Mike Costanzo to the Astros for closer Brad Lidge and utility fielder Eric Bruntlett.

The move allows the Philadelphia Phillies to improve their starting rotation from inside the organization as Brett Myers will move back to the #2 spot.

In the trade, the Phillies found themselves a utility field in Eric Bruntlett who can play third base, shortstop, and outfield.

Some may argue that Brad Lidge hasn't returned to form since this play: Pujols home run in the 2005 NLCS that has yet to land.
However, Lidge did show flashes of returning to form last year. He has great stuff, so it seems like his problems are his head and hopefully the change of scenery will fix that.

The Phillies gave up a declining reliever in Geary who struggled a lot last year. They also gave up Michael Bourn, the speedy outfielder who was projected to possibly see some outfield time this year if the Phillies lose Aaron Rowand.

The Phillies also gave up Mike Costanzo, which I have no problem with. He wasn't that great of a 3B prospect and he often started his years off slow only to have a good August to bring his numbers back up.

The move does guarantee an improvement in the bullpen and in the rotation. Our current rotation looks like this:

1. Hamels
2. Myers
3. Moyer/Kendrick
4. Kendrick/Moyer
5. Eaton

The bullpen as it is now looks to have Tom Gordon in the 8th inning and Brad Lidge in the 9th inning. If Lidge can stop giving up the long ball, he could be the great closer he once was.

2004-2005: 71 saves, 8 blown
2006-2007: 51 saves, 14 blown

Hopefully the deal also means that the Phillies will be able to sign Rowand, a move that would make Michael Bourn expendable.

Source: Philadelphia Phillies


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