Game 3 of 162: The Champion Comeback!

Thursday, April 9, 2009 ·

Wow, what a game! Always, always stay until the end. It was third time since July that I've seen the Phillies comeback or nearly comeback from a defecit of 7 runs or more. The Mets, the Mets, and now the Braves. What an exciting way to close out the Ring Ceremony day.

The Good News:

The Phillies were patient with their bats from the seventh inning on and they scored 8 runs in their 7th heaven on only 4 hits, but a whopping 5 walks (and the pitches were not even close.) Their offense, which had yet to awake in 2009, finally "exploded" to comeback from a 10-3 defecit and later earn a 12-11 victory. It was the first win of 2009 for the Phillies who will travel to Colorado and Cole Hamels will make his first start tomorrow.

Raul Ibanez hit is first home run of 2009 for the Phillies and the first of his career in their uniform.

The Bad News:

The starting pitching is now where the team would like it to be, whether they're defending a title or had a fifth place finish last year. Our pitching staff has yielded hit after hit and home run after home run in the first series that it makes you wonder a little bit...just a little. It is still early and even great pitcher like Carlos Zambrano and C.C. Sabathia were shelled at the beginning of last year (and this year for C.C.). Their main problem is that they've been leaving the ball up in the zone. It's not that their stuff is bad, but it's just a few adjustments that need to be made and can be made. Don't expect to Phillies to give up 3 home runs every game.

Despite the amazing comeback, the top of the lineup still needs to find their stroke. Currently, the best hitting Phils are Utley, Howard, and Ruiz.

Click after the jump to see Brad Lidge close out the Phillies first win of the season. Also, check out the Flickr group for plenty of pictures from the game.


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