Westbrook had Surgery?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 ·

Did you know Brian Westbrook had surgery on his ailing knee? I didn't, but he confirmed it to reporters at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

In Westbrook's case, a key step toward that front was taken recently when he underwent knee surgery and began a rigorous rehab he hopes will whip him back in the form he displayed for most of the 2008 season, during which he wore down in the home stretch.

''It's getting better all the time,' he said.
Link: Orlando Sentinel

You could tell that Westbrook was wearing down at the end of the season, so hopefully this minor arthroscopic surgery can relieve that situation. However, the Eagles fans have to be scratching their heads wondering about what is going to happen if Westbrook does indeed go down. Currently, the Eagles only have Lorenzo Booker on the roster and not only had trouble griping the offense, but he cannot block in passing situations either.

Derrick Ward was on the market, but he signed with Tampa Bay last night. Derrick Ward is not a bad back, but he is nearing 30 and most of his yards came in passing situations. He did have an ability to catch the ball out of the backfield.

Though it is unlikely, the Eagles could look at Cedric Benson. After being released by the Chicago Bears, Benson joined the Bengals and put up 747 yards in 12 games. Not exactly the most impressive numbers in the world with 3.5 ypc, but he might be an option. He's likely looking for someone to overpay for him, so that leaves us with the draft.

Beanie Wells and Knowshon Moreno are projected as first round backs, but neither guy is very good in the passing game. I would not expect the Eagles to draft a running back in the first round. I'd expect them to look at offensive tackle/line and go after Sean Smith, the free safety from Utah.

In the second round, LeSean McCoy and Rashad Jennings are two backs that might peak the Eagles interest. McCoy is built similar to Brian Westbrook and he can catch out of the backfield. They're likely not going to go for a big back because they never do, so McCoy fits. The problem is McCoy is likely going to go late first round or early second. Jennings would be your prototypical big back. He is 6'1" 231 lbs. He's got speed on him too as he ran a 4.49 40.

If they chose to go with a tight end or another position in the second round, I am not sure where the Eagles are going to address the backup running back position. Are they waiting for June cuts?

This has definitely been an interesting off-season for the most part. The Eagles have let more players walk from the team that played late in January than they have gained or resigned. Some of us do forget that they were still a 9-6-1 football team.


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