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Friday, February 27, 2009 ·

It has been awhile since I have last posted. I have been awfully busy lately, so if you visited here often, I apologize.

Dawkins has reportedly signed with the Denver Broncos.
This is really a head-scratcher. Brian Dawkins is the face of the Eagles and with $48 million in cap space, the team should have no problem fitting him in. Especially when they're not expected to go on a spending spree in this fairly weak market. His agent confirmed that Dawkins DID NOT officially sign yet, but he could not confirm that deal was not around the corner.

It is definitely heart-breaking if it is true because Dawkins IS the Eagles. Generally, I do not want people to fall in love with certain players, especially when they're hurting the team, but you have to understand that some players are vital to the organization.

Chemistry is huge, but there are plenty of players seeing that the Eagles are not very loyal with their veterans at all. Also, maybe it is because so many fans have seen the ending of Dawkins career in Philadelphia coming, but the Eagles never addressed the safety position with a premier draft pick to let Brian Dawkins groom him.

It is what it is I guess. If it is true, Denver visits Lincoln Financial this year. I'm sure Brian Dawkins will get a louder ovation than the home team. I'll post more on this whenever it becomes official.

Adam Eaton was released.
Good job. Still paying him $9 million.

There will be no more game by game recaps. I've come to realize that they're very pointless. If something rare happens, of course I'll mention it, but I am going to post about every game. Just way too time consuming right now.

Also, Dan, John, and Mike. Sorry. I'm just going on my own for a little while. Thanks for helping out when you did.


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