Luca Sbisa sent to WHL

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 ·

Well for all the Flyers fans who liked watching him in the orange and black, you'll have to wait a while to see him back in a Flyers jersey. Sbisa got sent to the WHL to a team that is a serious competitor reported Comcast Sports Net. His contribution there will be a big help to them. I know the article states this but I agree. He hasn't played in 6 straight games, being a healthy scratch, and needs to keep playing. Some one who just turned 19 can't sit. This was a good move for the Flyers yet I would have preferred seeing him go to the Phantoms. More detail in the article. Sbisa's reaction is here on the Flyers website:

"Obviously, I am disappointed. I kind of had a feeling that it may happen. I did not play for a long time, so you start to think that something might be up. They told me this morning. I was kind of disappointed, but now I know where I am going to play. It’s just another step to playing in the NHL. I am going to back to Lethbridge and help the team out. I am really looking forward to playing a lot of minutes there, play the power play, [penalty kill] and the last minutes of a game. I kind of missed that stuff. This is just another experience that I have to go through. I am disappointed, but I am looking forward to getting a lot of playing time.”

Speaking of the Flyers, their 3 game road trip ended the other day losing 4-0 tot he St. Louis Blues. What the hell? And to make that loss even more frustrating, they went 0-11 on the PP. They continue their fight in the tough Atlantic Division at home Thursday night versus Boston, who is tearing it up in the Eastern Conference with 80 points, 12 points ahead of the next team. The Flyers are currently in 3rd in the Atlantic, 1 point behind the rangers with 2 games in hand and 7 points behind the Devils with a game in hand. Let's just hope they avoid a repeat of last season's post All Star Game slump.


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