Move On. You Lost.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 ·

"See this is why I cannot stand Eagles fans: their stupid song and they run their mouth when their team wins. Talk when you actually win a Super Bowl. Philly always shits the bed," says a NY fan. They fail to understand they're always running their mouth, everywhere.

If you win the Super Bowl in the season you're talking shit you have all the room in the world to talk--or just be a man an enjoy it. Sure, friendly ribbing is fine both ways, but I'm just tired of the New York motto of their fucking lips constantly moving up and down. Just shut up. Your team lost. You were the #1 seed and lost AT HOME. It's happened to us when your team was 4-12 and 6-10 or whatever other awful record you had. It happened to you THIS SEASON to OUR TEAM. The 2007-2008 season was last year. Congrats on your remarkable season last year. Great Super Bowl win/upset, whatever you want to call it. Your season ended this year. We've gone farther. We knocked you out. Deal with it. Unless you're actually in the organization or on the team, there is nothing you can do about it. Don't act like your team winning somehow makes you a better human being. It doesn't. It never will. Just enjoy it because you followed something so closely all season. Yes, you feel apart of it as a fan and it always seems like they won the championship for YOU, but they didn't. Rings define teams, not individuals.

Same goes for us Phillies fans. Once the Phillies season ends next year with either a good or bad result, what happened in 2008 was 2008. It was so fucking amazing, but it was 2008. Don't dwell on the past if things end poorly for us in 2009. Don't run your mouth if we don't repeat. Sure, you can run your mouth if the Phillies finish ahead of the Mets again. Remember this though, each year is different. Every year, teams are different. Cherish the wins. Enjoy them. Remember them. Handle winning like a man. Handle it like you've been there before. The only thing that matters is winning it all.

If you lose, don't be a bunch of morons like the guys in the videos below. (courtesy of the 700 level). You could always jump on our bandwagon like Brandon Jacobs.

On to Glendale!


John "Roose" Russo said...
January 14, 2009 at 10:57 AM  

That's exactly why I can' stand the fans of Dallas and New York. I will give Giants fans credit. The ones in NJ actually love the team and still love 'em when they blow major cock. Dallas is just horrible w/ the bandwagon. I think when ESPN did their ranking of fans, Dallas was around 15 or so, the Giants were in the top 10 and the Eagles fans were #4 (PIT, GB, CLE had the first 3 spots).

But what pisses me off about our division rival fans is when their team sucks it up, they flash the rings that they won 15-20 years ago (except the Giants actually won last year but it's still old)

I coulda just written my own article haha.

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