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Tuesday, January 6, 2009 ·

Phil Sheridan's article on the J.C. Romero suspension will make you want to throw stones at the offices of the player's union and MLB. This really seems a little ridiculous now and it seems that there is really nothing Romero can do about it now. To the Phillies, sign Joe Beimel.

Either baseball believes Romero cheated and allowed him to compete in the World Series, or it believes he made an innocent mistake and is suspending him 50 games anyway.

Which would be worse?

Keith Law discusses the bargain that was Pat Burrell for Tampa Bay.
Compare this to the deal the Phillies, who let Burrell walk without offering him arbitration, gave Raul IbaƱez: one extra year at a marginal cost of $14 million as well as the loss of their first-round draft pick, for a player four years older and worse defensively. It also resets the market for this type of player (all bat, little or no glove, no speed) to something more reflective of the supply (deep, with Adam Dunn and Jason Giambi still available) and demand (shallow), which would indicate that Ibanez's deal will continue to stand out as high in dollars and years for a player who was not the best in his class this winter.
That makes you feel real good, doesn't it? Hopefully Amaro, Jr got his touch from Gillick and not the Wade side of his mentoring. Hopefully Ibanez has taking fungos all year long because it really seems like we just may have signed another 7 inning guy once the team organization sees how poor he is at fielding a simple fly ball.


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