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Monday, January 19, 2009 ·

Another NFC title game, another loss, but did this one hurt a little less. Sure, the big-time believers felt they should have been here regardless, but the season didn't set up that way. At times, the defense stunk. At other times, the offense stunk. Inconsistency. The black plague of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Yesterday's game was a complete microcosm of the Eagles season and their franchise. The first half, everything just looked like a giant mess. Nothing was going right, except for the great hustle by DeSean Jackson to force a fumble after McNabb throw an interception.

Then, in the second half, the defense and offense awoke. Donovan McNabb, yes the QB everyone is putting the blame on for some reason, put together one of the best halves any QB ever had. Ever. McNabb finished 28-47 for 375 yards, 3 touchdowns, and that first half interception. He did also fumble. The lack of a running game, wide receiver drops, and also McNabb's inefficiency at times did hurt the offense, but when you score 25 points, you should win. Every time.

The defensive effort just was not there yesterday. It seemed like Arizona called the perfect play every single time and it was only to be combined with poor tackling by the Eagles. Wrap up boys. Don't go for the hit every single time. The defense who had been stout over the past month looked fatigued, too slow, and just flat out, out-matched. Everything Jim Johnson called, failed, save a few second half stops.

So where does the blame go? Is it even worth wasting the time on it? It's simple. The entire team lost. They win together, they lose together. The season was just a long list of inconsistency, frustration, but also happiness, and excitement. Lastly, the season was completely ironic.

It was thought that the Washington Redskins had virtually ended our season. It turned out that we were able to end the seasons of both the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.

Our season was over, but for some reason, it just didn't hurt as much. Maybe it's because of what the Phillies did. Maybe it is because of how we snuck into the playoffs. I'm just not sure right now. Maybe I am starting to realize that this is just the norm.

Andy Reid will be back. Donovan McNabb will be back. Their second half adjustments all, but secured that. They finally adjusted in the second half. Maybe they've finally changed a little inside.

The Eagles will need to add a few more playmakers. Give McNabb a little more help. While I like what we have, there are better players out there that we can add. It seems like we have too many clones of the same players. We need variety and playmakers. We need...TJ Whosyourmomma. Make it happen Jeff.


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