Will the Eagles Fire Bullets or Blanks?

Sunday, December 7, 2008 ·

When the Eagles offense is on, they look unstoppable. There is a problem though, CONSISTENCY. Throughout the Reid/McNabb era, we have struggled with inconsistency with performance and play-calling. We never ever know what we are going to get from game, but it only takes a few series for the offense to become predictable for that game.

The cold and windy weather completely plays into the Giants favor because they will most likely run, run, and run some more. They will use their #1 ground attack to hold possession for much of the game and not allow the Eagles to even build momentum. Instead of going for quick strikes, the Eagles will need to try to establish the run and do the same if they want to pull out a win in New York, I mean, New Jersey.

Brian Westbrook is banged up again, but he will play. The Eagles will be without Wide Receiver Reggie Brown, yes, the guy complaining for more playing time, but never sees the field anymore because he is more fragile than Mr. Glass. If the Eagles plan to pass, they will need a balanced offense to keep the Giants high pressure defense off guard. Will it happen, probably not, but it is what needs to happen. I would not expect another high-scoring performance, at least not from our end. I am not sure if the Eagles will be able to do that with an injured Westbrook and Lorenzo Booker. We still neglect the big running back. A thunder and lightning technique similar to the Giants would work wonders for us.

What do you want to happen? Are you looking toward next season already and at draft pick ranges or do you really want this team to try and compete for the playoffs. Personally, I think we're too far out of the race do any damage in the playoffs, but I hate losing. I do not want the team to just give up. I'd expect the Eagles to use both of their first round picks next year, with at least one being on an offensive tackle.

I'm predicting a loss. Sorry guys. The Giants are just damn good.


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