Ruben Amaro Jr's First Fail.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 ·

Dear Ruben Amaro, Jr.,

Why the fuck would you not offer arbitration to Pat Burrell? You already know that he has not going to sign that shitty two year deal that you offered him. You know someone is going to giving him a multi-year deal near what he has already earned. Is arbitration really going to get hurt you that much if he accepts it, which is highly unlikely. By the grace of God, if he was stupid enough to accept a one year deal, it fixes your left-field problem before things become really rough.

However, you did not take that in to consideration or at least it does not seem that way. You know Pat Burrell is not going to make more than $14 million in arbitration and that is what Ryan Howard's number is going to be around. I understand that you have a lot of raises to deal with, but you just fucking won the World Series and you want to replace Burrell with someone who is even worst defensively in Raul Ibanez and someone who cannot play a full game because of his disability in Rocco Baldelli. Well, in reality, we know you're going to replace him with Geoff Jenkins and we're going to lose that much needed right-handed power bat. To make matters worse, Raul Ibanez WILL COST you a first round pick because Seattle managed the situation correctly.

It's one year of Burrell or two draft picks. Sounds like a win-win to me. The Phillies wanted to devote two years to him, in which they'd pay more of a total salary. Are you missing the picture inside that big head of yours. We need to re-build our farm system. Those two extra picks would have helped extremely. If he re-signed, well someone who hits 30+ home runs and reaches base 37% of the time is well...pretty damn good.

I can understand not offering arbitration to Jamie Moyer. It is highly unlikely that you let Moyer walk. Any starting to pitcher on the market will likely be vastly overpaid, so there is no point in giving arbitration to Moyer because it will pretty much be based off his previous season.

The thing is, you the odds of Moyer signing are far greater than Burrell. Why did you fuck this one up? Pat Burrell was a type-A free agent, not a type-B. We will receive a first or second round pick and a sandwich pick between the first and second round. You know that though, correct?

I am sorry, I know your team won the World Series and I know we doubted Pat Gillick, but you're not Gillick and Pat Burrell is not Kevin Milwood or Placido Polanco. You really jumped on the failboat with this one and by the rumors, it seems like talks between Moyer and yourself are getting cold as well.

Maintain success, please.




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