Phillies Rumors: 12/10

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 ·

- Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that a Phillies official feels that the team may not be getting Mark DeRosa, but other players if they include themselves in the three-team trade.

They have not released any names and I am not sure who else on the Cubs would be a need for the Phillies. I hope to God it is not Jason Marquis. Any trade involving Marquis is a trade I'd firmly be against. Marquis is the player that seems to be a big hold up in the trade because the Cubs need to find a way to unload his $9.5 million salary. Also, the Padres will need to make some other moves to free up space on the 40-man roster.

- Some names that have come up are J.A. Happ and Chris Coste, but Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune adds a new name to the list in Jason Jaramillo.

The Phillies can get rid of Jaramillo. He has already been passed by Marson and he has not been able to really show what is necessary to be a factor in the Majors. He's not really a plus player at fielding or hitting. I wouldn't expect much more out of him than what the Phillies have with Carlos Ruiz.

- Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune reports the deal just needs the Cubs okay and the Phillies are ready to pull the trigger.

While nothing appears imminent, the Cubs have done enough groundwork on the Peavy deal to pull it off quickly. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Jason Marquis would replace Sean Marshall in the package going to the Padres, with the Cubs eating more than half of his $9.8 million salary. The Phillies would send two pitching prospects to the Padres while acquiring DeRosa from the Cubs.
I have heard the Kyle Kendrick could be included in the deal. The likely prospects would be Happ and Kendrick. Kendrick's value has sunk dramatically, but I am a little surprised the Phillies would be willing to move their two most MLB-ready prospects for Mark DeRosa. I do not value the prospects that highly at all, but it does sound like a move to similar to Ed Wade.

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- As if you haven't already figured it out, Pat Burrell will not be back with the Phillies. Scott Lauber reports that one of Burrell's agents, Ed Hayes, has come out and stated that Phillies are showing little interest in bringing back "The Bat."
"I'm hopeful but I'm also a realist, and I'd be surprised," Hayes said when asked if he could see Burrell continuing his career with the Phillies, the only team he has ever known. "I have not heard anything that would lead me to believe the club wants to have him back."
The Phillies do not have the $15-17 million it would take to keep Burrell around.


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