Peavy? Moyer? Punto? DeRosa? Lowe?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 ·

First, I want to clarify that it is unlikely that the Phillies are going to acquire Jake Peavy. Actually, their name has been brought up because they'd be a third team in the trade. The discussed player coming back to the Phillies with be UPenn grad, Mark DeRosa who can play second base and outfield.

However, the Cubs have talked to a number of teams regarding a three-team trade, so it is not necessarily only the Phillies, at least according to Ken Rosenthal's source. There is a report out of the Chicago Sun-Times stating that a Cubs deal for Peavy is close and the Phillies still might be involved, so we'll see. It is reported that Phillies would likely send J.A. Happ and/or Chris Coste to San Diego.

With regards to Mark DeRosa, he would be a nice little player to add to the Phillies. He's a utility guy with far more offensive ability than Eric Bruntlett. In his last three years of near full-time duty, DeRosa has posted lines close to .290/.365/.450. Not quite Pat Burrell numbers, but by far the best numbers out of the players the Phillies are considering, especially because his defense is not terribly awful. At least if you're one of those Fantasy players that love to draft Phillies' players, DeRosa would be fantasy gold because he can play so many positions.

What about the old vet? Jon Heyman is reporting that Phillies are being very aggressive in trying to sign both Jamie Moyer and Derek Lowe. The Phillies and Moyer are at a bit of a standstill. The Phils have offered Jamie a 2-year contract worth $14 million. Moyer is looking or a 2-year deal worth $18 million. I have to side with the Phillies on this one. I don't mind their offer at all, even if it is the max I think they should offer him.

Once we get over loving the idea of him finishing his career with his home team and so forth, you have to realize that he is 46. He is a pitcher that allows a decent amount of base-runners and luck or a bigger strike-zone can change that. What if he doesn't get those corner calls next year? What if the contact he allows finds the holes. Do you really want to pay $9 million for his 2007 numbers? No. Do not expect Moyer to put up his 2008 numbers ever again. Retaining the youth of this team is far more important than the Disney picture story of Moyer walking to the sunset with a Phillies hat on his head.

With regard to Derek Lowe, there have been some conflicting reports. Some people have said the Phillies have a contract offer out there, but others say they were just looking at parameters and there is no real offer out there. Either way, Ruben Amaro, Jr. did indeed explain that they were interested.

Lastly, the Phillies are considering Nick Punto. No, thanks. I want nothing to do with his OPS+ of 74. I'll stick with Eric Bruntlett. Yes, his OPS+ is only 71, but we don't have to worry about over-paying him by any means.


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