To Make Bad News Worse...

Friday, November 21, 2008 ·

Well Birds fans, if you are still swallowing the pill of realizing the Eagles have dug a deep grave, this news will not help it any more. You already know that with a tie to a poor Bengals team has kept the Eagles in the basement of the NFC East and no where near a playoff seed, that your quarterback and coach are completely clueless, and that your playoff hopes won't get any better this Sunday in Baltimore.

Well it gets worse. Brian Westbrook is 50-50 for this Sunday's game, said Not only has he been struggling with injuries and health, but he has also struggled against good teams. And when he isn't playing to his full potential, neither is the rest of the team.


“He has a sore ankle and a little bit of swelling in his knee and inflammation in both,” coach Andy Reid said. “It is gradually coming down. We’ll see how he does here over the next couple days.”

We will thankfully get to see more of Correll Buckhalter, who has not been used at all the past 2 weeks. He had an unbelievable catch for over 40 yards versus Cincinnati and then got 2 carries. He is a good back up and there is no reason to not use him.

At least our bozo coach realized that:
“Correll will have an opportunity to play,” Reid said. “We probably could have played him more last week and probably should have. That’s my responsibility, and he’ll get a few more opportunities this week.”


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