Sixers Keep Foot on the Pedal

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 ·

The Sixers destroyed the Sacramento Kings for forty-eight minutes last night. They shot 59.1% in the game and scored 30+ points in the first quarter for the third straight game. It was also the third straight game that they held a double digit lead at half as they were up 68-48 at the break.

Unlike the game against the Hawks, the Sixers never stopped giving 110% both offensively and defensively to pace themselves to a 125-91 win. The big win was their second in 3 games in which their margin of victory was over 25 points. The Sixers can play both well offensively and defensively. If the whole team continues to buy into Cheeks ideas, this team could be very, very good.

Their biggest downfall early on has been taking care of the ball. It cost them against Atlanta and Toronto. They've been able to force plenty of turnovers, but when they're giving it back it cancels each other out.

With the Sixers size, they've done a very good job at scoring in the point. Last night, 40 of their 68 first half points were scored in the paint. However, the biggest surprise was that the Sixers shot 76.9% (10-13) from behind the arc. Donyell Marshall was added to the roster because of his outside shot and he's been proving his worth. Last night, he shot 4-5 for 12 points. Also, Thaddeus Young, thanks to Mark Price, has continued to shoot well from 3. So far, Young is 7-11 from three-point land on the season. Not bad, not bad at all.

The Sixers are now traveling to Florida where they will face the Miami Heat on Wednesday and Orlando on Thursday.


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