Why Manuel was Right!

Thursday, October 2, 2008 ·

I know, I normally, almost never agree with Charlie Manuel, but he made the right decision yesterday.

Stop with all the hindsight nonsense. Charlie Manuel made the correct decision to go to closer, Brad Lidge. The Phillies had a 3-0 lead, Cole had 101 pitches, and Lidge is a premier closer. Everything pointed toward Manuel making that move. What happened in the inning is a completely different story. First, did the wet ball effect his slider? Were the Brewers more patient than they had been with Cole? Lidge had not pitched in a game since Saturday, did that effect him?

Lidge was set to face the top of the order and they were very right-hand heavy. The same right-handers that were about to face Cole Hamels for their fourth at-bat, something that proves better for the hitters. Yes, Braun made a good pitch on a good swing, but the run only scored because Utley fell down. The same events could have happened to Cole as well in the ninth.

Game 1 of the series is more important than game 2 because it gives you the early momentum and advantage. 24 of 28 NLDS winners won game 1. Because we did not overextend Hamels' workload, he may be able to start Sunday on three-day's rest if necessary -- or be able to relieve.

When Charlie made the move, he's was not able to predict what would happen. From what normally happens and what did happen is all hindsight. The Phillies' fans cheered loudly when Lidge came out. No one seemed upset with the move then. In fact, there were moments when I felt the 7th inning would be Cole's last, but he had some quick innings. Cole's 6th inning was only different by one base-runner than Lidge's 9th. Anything could have happened.

Oh and then you have this: Lidge said he's still available today.


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