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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 ·

During the entire top half of the 6th, we had to hear Joe Buck gargle Rays semen when he was mentioning how the rain effects their running game. However, he failed to meantion how terrible it is for Cole to pitch out there and how tough it is for the defense. Oh wait, the PHILLIES run a lot too. In fact, they're the most effective base-stealing team in baseball.

The biggest problem that I have is why the game was not suspended after 5. No one in Philadelphia wants to win cheap. The game should have been resumed in the the top of the 6th, so both teams had a fair opportunity OFFENSIVELY and DEFENSIVELY to complete the game. Since the top of the sixth was played, the Phillies should have been able to bat in the bottom of the sixth while the Rays had to play in that shit.

I really don't know how Bud Selig could say it was fair. Also, I don't think the Rays scoring truly lead to the suspension because it looked like there were plans to call it before that inning was even completed. However, if that was the case, why not suspend it at 5? Cole Hamels was forced to throw all fastball because his curveball and change-up were completely ineffective with the wind and rain.

I'm not mad about the suspension at all. Shit happens, it's mother nature. I'm just upset at when the umpires that the game should be suspended as if the weather drastically changed going from the 5th to the 6th and after a half inning.

Major League Baseball continues to try and improve ratings after the strike, but Bud Selig continues to proove that he is a failure at his job and he needs to leave as soon as possible.


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