Big Game Joe!

Monday, October 27, 2008 ·

Joe Blanton, you are my hero. Joe Blanton came out and was dealing. He had great stuff and was able to get ahead in the count more times than not. What may overshadow his great pitching performance was his one swing of the bat. After allowing a solo home run to Eric Hinske, Blanton returned the favor in the bottom of the inning. He blasted a solo home run of his own into the left field seats. It was the first time that a pitcher hit a home run in the World Series since 1974. It was also Blanton's first home run ever. He'll remember this forever.

Back to his pitching, he threw 6+ innings and struck out 7. The only runs he allowed came off 2 solo home runs. Blanton was very efficient and did a great job of getting ground outs when the wind was blowing out. Joe Blanton has stepped up in all 3 of his starts this postseason, giving the Phillies offense an opportunity to win games. The Phillies improved to 12-4 in his starts. Much of improvement since coming over the Phillies has been the increase in his strike-out rate, which was a problem earlier this season in Oakland. His slider was nasty last night.

Uh oh, the sleeping beast has been awoken. Last night, Ryan Howard exploded for 2 home runs and 5 RBIs. In September, Howard showed that he could carry this team. Hopefully, he can carry this team for just one more win. Jimmy Rollins also continued his breakout party going 3-5 with 3 runs scored. When Rollins does score, the Phillies have impressive win-loss record. I have a feeling he'll set the tempo once again tonight.

Last night before the game I was talking with someone and I mentioned with the likes of Blanton and Sonnanstine, I'd expect a high-scoring game. Not necessarily because of their stuff, but because they were both relatively fly ball pitchers this postseason and the wind was blowing out in Citizen's Bank Park. Sonnanstine, lacking overpowering stuff, left his pitches up and the Phillies made him pay. Though it wasn't the best of the Rays bullpen, the Phillies scored 5 runs in 4 innings. All of the runs came because of the long ball.

There's one guy left that needs to join the party and that is Pat Burrell. The longest tenured Phillie is due and I'd expect something big from him tonight. He will not go down without a fight. He has come up with big hits this postseason and I'd expect something great from him during this series.

We're one game away! We're one game away from getting this monkey off our back. We're one game away from being declared the World Champions. This team needs to focus and do the same job they did all year.

We're on the doorstep of history. Make it happen Phils! You Gotta Believe!


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