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Monday, August 25, 2008 ·

In a come from behind win tonight, the Phillies beat the Dodgers 5-2 in 11 innings. Tonight's hero off his recent return from the DL was Pedro Feliz who did not even enter the game until he was part of a double-switch in the 7th. In the bottom of ninth, Feliz knocked in Shane Victorino with an RBI single to tie the game at 2.

And then, after the Phillies found themselves having two men on and no outs to having 2 outs quickly, Pedro Feliz stepped up and hit a bomb into left-center for the game-winner. However, Pedro's offensive heroics were not the only impacts he had. In the top of the 10th with the bases loaded. Casey Blake grounded one to Feliz who touched third and threw it to home to get the double play.

Chad Durbin got the win improving to 5-2 on the year. Joe Blanton gave up 1 earned in 6 innings of work, though at times he struggled with control. In 7 starts, he recorded his 6th no decision and has pitched well enough to keep the Phillies in the games after his first two starts.

Though the top of the order did struggle tonight, I really like the new lineup, especially have Shane Victorino batting 5th or 6th. Victorino puts the ball in play a lot and it is nice to have his speed in the bottom of the order, especially when he's batting in front of Feliz or Dobbs. Feliz and Dobbs are both fastball hitters and with Victorino on the bases, Feliz would be more likely to see fastballs as opposing teams will not want to allow Shane to swipe bases left and right.

Thumbs up to you Charlie for finally making this type of line-up shift. Next up? Move Werth to lead-off and drop Rollins in the order. He has the worth OBP in all of baseball when leading off the inning at a dismal .242. Yes, that is his on-base percentage in such situations, not his batting average. He's hitting below .200.


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