Training Camp News - 8/5

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 ·

Luckily for Shawn Andrews, his "depression" story has been taking a backseat to the circus in Green Bay. However, Andrews has opened up a little and discussed his depression. [Philadelphia Inquirer] Let's hope the "Big Kid" gets well regardless of playing sooner than later. They're people just like everyone else.

Jeffrie Lurie gave his annual State of the Team Address and explained that he hopes to reward star running back, Brian Westbrook. It'd be nice for the team to actually reward one of the players instead of pushing to a point where they want to leave. If the three-headed monster at corner works out, let's hope something is done there as well. Also, let's hope Sheldon Brown realizes he can be an all-pro safety after this year rather than a just shy of a pro bowl corner.

Andy Schwartz from CSN has given his Eagles Training Camp Stock Report. Some notable rising players have been Booker, Buckhalter, Jackson, Baskett, Jean-Gilles, Howard, McDougle, Klecko, Bradley, S. Brown, and Demps.


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