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Sunday, August 10, 2008 ·

So sorry. I've been slow with updates this week as I was busy with work and other errands. My idea is to post my opinion on just about everything Philadelphia-related this week. I hope you're able to take the time to read this while the Phillies are stuck in a rain delay? By the way, is it still raining there? I was out fishing today off the coasts of Holgate and Brigantine. I saw the storms rolling in, it was a nice, yet miserable sight as it ended the trip early.

Anyway, first I'd like to post some news: Shawn Andrews will be reporting to the Eagles today. He and Reid talked extensively on the phone today according to the Eagles website.

This is good news for the Birds. Even if Max Jean-Gilles is having a great camp, it would be better for the Eagles to have Jean-Gilles playing over Herremans who hasn't been that great over the past two years and was sort of starting guard by default. He's better suited to be a tackle anyway. I prefer Andrews gets his situation under complete control before he returns to action. It definitely will not hurt to have a pro bowl guard re-inserted to the line.

Continuing with the Eagles, it was nice to see Brian Westbrook awarded. The guy has been a hard-worker and though he has voiced his displeasure with his situation, he has normally done it in the proper well and it was a lesson learned for Lito as Westbrook got what he deserved.

Lito on the other hand needs to understand that he has not been that good. Yes, he has stepped up against Dallas (7 of his 17 interceptions), but he's missed almost a full season of games over the last three years. He's been injured for 14 and played in 34. I'm really tired of the whining that he is starting to turn to. Shut up and play for once. He averages one interception about every 4.5 games. He averages .857 pass deflections a game. In comparison, because he wants to be paid "top corner" money, Asante Samuel has missed only two games over the past three seasons. He averages an interception every 3.4 games and 1.05 pass deflections a game.

Sheppard was an all-pro and pro bowler in 2004, along with making the pro bowl in 2006. He would have likely received a nice raise after the 2005 season if he maintained the same play as 2004, but he played in only 10 games it is hard for the Eagles to restructure the contract of an injured player. This is the main argument, Lito, you've been injured quite too often for the Eagles to sit there and restructure for you. You've been too injured for the Eagles to receive decent return for your talents in a trade. Man up, get in better shape, and then you get a better deal if you remain with the team.

Before we get into the Phillies' offensive mess, I'd like to take the time to discuss the Jason Smith injury for the Sixers. I really think this injury could be one of two things. A blessing in disguise because we'll see more of Mareese Speights and him seeing playing time will likely keep him more motivated, his one big knock. However, it does hurt because we knew what we'd get from Jason Smith. 15-20 hard minutes that may have rose this year. He would have added great front line depth behind Brand and Dalembert, but the Sixers will still have a deep rotation up front.

And now my opinions on the Fightins. I know the overwhelming response to Myers' actions last night have been negative. Most people feel that he should have just shut his mouth, handed Uncle Chollie the ball and walked into the dugout. While, he likely should have done that, I enjoyed watching him fired up. I loved it and I think it only inspires him more to prove more and more every night that the "animal" closer is back. It was "his fucking game" and he was pitching brilliantly. Our bullpen has been overworked at times this year and I'd like to see the starters get outside of their own mess, and it wasn't even that big of a mess. There were two outs and only a runner on second with a 4-1 lead. I can understand both sides of the fence here and I think the situation will only have a positive result.

Continuing, I do have one thing that really bothers me with this team. Up until this point in the season, we've rarely seen any fire with this team. Sure, you don't want your players getting completely upset over things, but you also hate seeing them going through the motions out there and accepting everything that happens. Sometimes, it seems like some players are not even trying to adjust and their approach to hitting is comparable to Vince Young's approach to the Wonderlic. If this team wants to survive the division race and actually win a game in the playoffs this year, someone needs to step up.

Sure, Rollins has set his preseason predictions, but when it comes to the season, it seems like no one ever speaks up mid-season. Sure, you don't want people pressing and so forth, but this teams looks like they lack motivation at times. Of course, we know they care and are motivated deep down, but by going by their mannerisms at times, it looks differently. With the Marlins currently holding a large lead on the Mets late in their game, the Phillies need this win before going out west to face LA for 4 and the Padres for 3. They need to try their best to go 5-3 or 6-2 in their next 8 games, including today. The starting pitching has been there, the offense and defense is what needs to step up.


Bill P said...
August 10, 2008 at 3:28 PM  

How does Max Jean-Gilles represent good news for the Phillies?

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