Are the Eagles a Super Bowl team?

Thursday, August 28, 2008 ·

I am making this out of complete boredom. I'm sitting here looking at my Sports Illustrated, which the cover is graced by Donovan McNabb by the way, and I couldn't help but take curiosity in the predictions for the NFL season made by SI.

1 predictions I feel is very realistic is the fact Philadelphia can rightfully take back what is theirs: the NFC East. They have them up seating Dallas, who makes the playoffs despite a 10-6 record. Philly's final record: 12-4. Yes this is a very realistic prediction.

Now onto they 2nd prediction: the Super Bowl. SI has New England defeating the Eagles 26-23 this upcoming February. Really? After an 8-8 season and an above average off season, you think we will go all the way? Well bravo SI. Your prediction may not be as bold (and hopefully not the same outcome) as your picking the Dolphins to win it all 2 years ago with the simple addition of Dante Culpepper but it does show that you have balls.

Now I bleed green and I will love to see this happen but I have to let the realistic fan in me come out. The Eagles WILL win the division, and the Eagles WILL win at least 1 playoff game, and they WILL not only make it to the Super Bowl but be crowned.

This team has a few flaws that make me weary of picking them to represent the NFC. The wide receivers may not be the best in the league, especially with a hurt Kevin Curtis. Our line backers and defensive line may not be as amazing as other teams, and the play calling can be suspect at times.

But this is nothing new to us. Stepping in nicely for Curtis is Desean Jackson, who I feel will be very, very fucking scary in the NFL. He is a Steve Smith type WR with more explosiveness and hes is becoming McNabb's favorite go to guy. He is a very dangerous deep threat and he knows how to avoid the big hit. He won't run you over but he sure can make guys miss.

Jackson's effectiveness in punt and kick returning can be very helpful, even when the ball isn't in his hands. He could force teams to kick the ball out of bounds, giving them better field position. And if they do kick it to him, watch out because open field for Jackson is almost guaranteed 10-15 yards on the return, at least.

With our defense, Trent Cole, Juqua Thomas, Broderick Bunkley, and Mike Patterson are a good 4-some. They all have the ability to stop the run and can create sacks. Cole is one of the elite sackers in the game, now.

Our linebackers are young and suspect but I am confident that Omar Gaither will have another good season and that Stewart Bradley will boom into a very good MLB. Chris Gocong as the OLB rounds off the starting trio.

Our secondary is amazing. 3 corners in Asante Samuel, Lito Sheppard, and Sheldon Brown that could be number 1's on 3/4 of the league and Brian Dawkins as the free safety. Don't forget about Quinton Mikell who is getting the playing time he deserves.

I really like this team. There's always been a resiliency in this corps. A Super Bowl is not ridiculous this time. There are definitely other teams in the conference that will challenge but there is no reason Philadelphia can not come out on top.

I leave you Birds fans with one more thing:


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