Moving onto Blanton

Thursday, July 17, 2008 ·

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Phillies are no longer interested in AJ Burnett and are now moving onto Joe Blanton. Compared to 2007, Blanton is having a down year even in pitcher friendly Oakland. In his three and a half seasons in the majors, Blanton has posted an ERA+ of 100 and a WHIP of 1.33 -- so he's been average.

This year, his home runs and walks are up and his strike outs are down, which has lead to an ERA+ of 77. Pitching well below average this year may lower Beane's asking price, but it may also be a concern with his high innings count last year of 230 innings. Has some arm fatigue caused his down fall? Also, it is hard to say whether or not he'd do well in Philadelphia. He still has a decent GB/FB ratio, but his K/9 are nearly comparable to Kyle Kendrick's.

If I'm the Phillies, I'm saying to myself that if Blanton can be had for the perfect and I do mean perfect price, he is worth the move. He's not going to give you much more than #4 or #5 starter potential, but he will at least give you something than more than the likes of Kris Benson or Adam Eaton. He is what he is, an average pitcher. He's not really a #2 or #3 starter, but he'd likely be formidable. He doesn't have any lights out stuff, but for the Phillies he'd likely give them enough of a chance to win games. If the Phillies do acquire him, he's one of those guys that they will have to monitor him greatly. He's usually hit pretty hard between the 4th and 6th innings and things could unravel quickly.

Looks like the Phillies are moving from their B-list, to their C-list. I hope Gillick does his Billy Beane type research before he considers the move.

The Phillies also may have interest in Matt Cain from the Giants and left-handed reliever John Grabow from the Pirates [Philly Burbs]. Cain would be a nice, young addition, but rather pricey. Grabow will come cheap, but he really needs to cut down on his walks.


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