Smart Move, Charlie...Seriously!

Monday, June 2, 2008 ·

Recently, I ranted and raved about the mistakes our beloved manager Charlie Manuel has made, but today I want to discuss the intelligent decision he made during yesterday's game. That particular decision was compounded with the not-so-mart move by Marlins manager, Fredi Gonzalez.

In the sixth inning, Gonzalez brought in hard-throwing RHP Doug Waechter to pitch to Burrell, Coste, and Feliz. Waechter walked Burrell, but got Feliz to line out and Coste to strike out. Waechter was continually throwing hard and down in the zone, so Manuel had a decision to make. Would he let Taguchi bat? Would he pinch-hit left-handed hitters Greg Dobbs or Geoff Jenkins for him?

Charlie Manuel chose to pinch-hit Geoff Jenkins for Taguchi because of Waechter style of pitching. Fredi Gonzalez also failed to make the move to bring in left-handed pitcher Taylor Tankersley. You know what happened next. Waechter throw a fast ball down in the zone, Jenkins wheelhouse, and he deposited it deep into the right field stands for a 2-run home run to tie the game at 5. Smart move, Charlie, smart move. His decision making definitely deserves credit for assisting in the win.

Now, if Jenkins made an out, of course, there would have been arguments as to why Charlie did not use hot-hitting Greg Dobbs. However, Manuel made the best decision to give the Phillies the best results, solely basing it on his scouting reports. Jenkins power swings happen on those particular fastballs down in the zone.

Once again, smart move, Charlie, smart move. To see all the highlights of yesterday's game, watch below. You can watch Chase Utley become the first NL in 2008 to reach the 20 home run and 50 rbi plateaus. The Phillies are back in first place. Mike Lieberthal retired as a Phillie. Jamie Moyer is now 8-0 all time against the Marlins, and he recorded his 236th career winning, tying him all-time with Whitey Ford.


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