Sixers Rumor: Elton Brand Interested

Sunday, June 8, 2008 ·

Comcast Sports Net:

If Elton Brand decided to opt out of his contract, he stated on ESPN Radio 950 that the 76ers are "without a doubt" on his list of possible teams. Brand, the Clippers power forward and the first pick of the 1999 draft, missed all but 8 games with an Achilles injury.

Brand would be a perfect fit for the Sixers. They need a low-post guy to get the boards and draw fouls and his 6'8'', 258 pound frame is exactly that.

Once the NBA free agency period begins on July 1, Brand can choose to remain with the Clippers next season – and earn $16.44 million – or he can opt out of his contract. If he comes to Philly, he will be reunited with Andre Miller. The two were teamates on the Clippers in 2003

“To opt out and make that big decision, you certainly have to look at teams under the cap,” Brand said. “And with a nucleus of young talent like they have, of course, you definitely have to look at them.”

“I’ve been hearing a lot of talk from being in the barbershop, being on the streets,” Brand said. “They’ve been saying, ‘Hey Brand, come to Philly.’ I’ve been getting a lot of that lately, so that’s funny.


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