Sheppard Skips OTAs

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 ·

Lito Sheppard has decided to skip the Eagles' final OTA, which was voluntary. Not much to write about here. We all know that he's disgruntled. He's upset with a contract that he signed previously. A contract that continually pays him when he's standing on the sidelines with street clothes. That same contract. [Comcast Sportsnet]

This is the usual NFL temper-tantrum that players put on. I understand they do not have a guaranteed contract, but neither do I nor the average working human being. If he holds out for anything mandatory, then you can worry a little bit, but right now, it is just the typical NFL temper-tantrum. Dear NFL players, if you don't like the future of your contract when you sign it, don't sign it. NFL teams, at least I do not believe so, will not hold a gun to your head.


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