I like the New GM: Sixers Draft Marreese Speights

Friday, June 27, 2008 ·

I must say that I like how the Ed Stefanski era has started. An immediate turnaround for the team, making the playoffs, and financial stability to make a move this offseason. Last night, it was Stefanski first 76ers draft and they saw the need and filled the need. 76ers felt they needed a big man and they drafted the "not-so-poor-man's" Elton Brand in Florida power forward Marreese Speights. The youngerster I wanted them to take all along. Speights is a 6'10" 245 lb forward who can run the floor and seems to fit very well with our system according to Stefanski and Assistant General Manager Tony DiLeo. His conditioning has come into question, but that should be something that they'll be able to fix. If he was able to run the floor the way he did for Florida with poor conditioning, imagine him at full strength. Since this was the 76ers only pick, and they were actively trying to trade back into the first round, I give the Sixers an A. Below, DiLeo explains why they liked Speights [Comcast Sportsnet]:
▪ “First of all, we’re a running team, and he’s one of the best running big men in the draft,” DiLeo said.

▪ “Second of all, we need a post-up presence. Even though he’s not developed fully yet, he can score with both hands around the basket, and he will be, we think, a good post-up player.

▪ “Third, we need some outside shooting. Not only can he score inside, but he can go outside.

▪ “Fourth, we like versatile players. We think he eventually will be able to play both positions – the power forward and the center position.

▪ “Fifth, he’s a good person. He fits in with his character into our team. We’ve done a lot of research on him. He really fits us like a glove.”
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