Flyers Resign Carter

Thursday, June 19, 2008 ·

According to, The Flyers have resigned restricted free agent centerman, Jeff Carter to a 3 year deal believed to be worth no less than $15 million.

Sources are telling Sportsnet that Carter has agreed to a three-year deal with the Philadelphia Flyers that is believed to pay him no less than $15 million.

Should the deal be completed, the Flyers remove the risk of Carter -- a Group 2 free agent on July 1st -- getting any offer sheets from teams wanting to scoop up the Flyers centre.
Well, at least we know that one of our restricted free agents will be back. However, with little cap space left, I'm almost positive that R.J. Umberger will not return to the team unless Paul Holmgren starts creating some more financial magic. The buyout of Derian Hatcher or his retirement is starting to look more and more set in stone. The Flyers definitely need to sign Randy Jones because they're very thin at the blue line.

If I was the Flyers, I would have at least tried to lock up Carter for a few more years. Only 3 years and high price tag will put them in a bind in a few years if they play to re-sign him again because he'll expect a raise. Hopefully, he proves the worth of his contract. More on the deal once it becomes official.


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