1980-1981 : I wish I was alive

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 ·

The period of 1980-1981 is considered the best year for any sports city ever -- or the worst year depending on how you look at it. The debate came about after Boston's great success this year. Man, I wish I was a live because it's been heartbreak since I've been born.

On the whole, we'd rather be in Philadelphia from the spring of 1980 to the following April. Despite its reputation for losing teams, Philadelphia is the only city to have its teams reach the finals in all four major sports. In a 12-month span, the Flyers and the Sixers reached the Stanley Cup and NBA finals (each lost in six games), the Phillies won their only World Series in franchise history, the Eagles went to Super Bowl (but lost to Oakland) and Philadelphia hosted the Final Four. (Plus, Villanova and St. Joseph's all reached the NCAA tournament, with St. Joe's upsetting No. 1-ranked DePaul). Is reaching the finals in all four sports the greatest year a city's fans have ever experienced? Or does losing three of those championships make it the worst year ever? The answer probably depends on whether how much money you bet on the local team. Though we opt for the former because it's still one hell of an accomplishment.
10 (tie) - New York 1986-87
10 (tie) - Boston 1986
9 - LA - 1971-72
8 - New York - 1969
7 - Pittsburgh - 1979
6 - Los Angels - 1984
5 - Baltimore - 1970-71
4 - Minnesota - 1991-92
3 - Boston - 2007-08
2 - Los Angeles - 1988-89
1 - Philadelphia - 1980-81


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