Timonen Seems Hopeful

Saturday, May 17, 2008 ·

Update: Kimmo Timonen will play according to NBC.

Kimmo Timonen skated solo yesterday at practice and remains hopeful that he will be able to play in Game 5 tomorrow. [Daily News]

Kimmo is one of the best puck-moving defensemen in the league," Flyers goalie Martin Biron said yesterday. "He's good, and he's even better on the ice when you don't notice him, because he does the little things right all the time. He makes guys think twice. It's no secret he's an All Star. There's fans around the league that have probably never noticed him, but when you play against him or you play with him, that's when you appreciate his full value. I think that our defensive corps really looks at the way he plays, to be able to settle the game, and settle our emotions or anything out there."
Timonen's addition to the lineup; however, may not mean the removal of Ryan "Bernie" Parent. Parent played in games 3 and 4 and he has played extremely well and better than his counterpats, Lasse Kukkonen and Jaroslav Modry. Parent has been able to make the simple plays as well as making the passes to move the puck up the ice. Parent played well alongside of Jason Smith and allowed Smith to lay some hits because Parent is such a stay at home defender. Parent is your standard defensive-defenseman, which is what they need right now.

The Flyers have to try and maintain the aggressive mentality that they had through the first two periods of game 4. They have to be extremely aggressive on their forecheck early and they have to put one in the net early to take the Pittsburgh crowd out of it.


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