Desean Jackson: The Next A.I. or Lindros?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 ·

Is DeSean Jackson the next Allen Iverson in Philadelphia? His father certain believes so.

DeSean has not had a quarterback since he played Pop Warner football. He didn't have a real quarterback at Long Beach Poly or at Cal," Bill Jackson said. "With Donovan McNabb . . . I think DeSean will be the next Iverson in Philadelphia."
We all know that DeSean has an ego, or chip on his shoulder, but he tried to make it very clear to the Philadelphia faithful that he will neither be a T.O, who threw his teammates under the bus, nor a Freddie Mitchell, who talked his way out of the league. [Philadelphia Daily News]

Jackson has said all the right things about the type of player he wants to be. He has the confidence that he wants to be a playmaker for the Eagles and wants the ball as much as he can to make such plays. During crucial times, he has voiced that he wants the coaching staff to know that he is the type player that wants the ball.

Jackson also makes a surprising remark for someone who from a big, close family (an image that was seen on draft day). Jackson did not goto USC because he wanted to be a little farther away from his family at Cal; he wanted independence; however, Cal coach Jeff Tedford felt that DeShawn's family were too involved in his life. Jackson's father has heard that Andy Reid has requested that Bill Jackson comes no where near the Eagles facility.
With outside opinions and outside advice always eating at DeSean, he was in a very tough spot,'' Tedford said yesterday, when asked about that discussion. "He's trying to be a team guy, trying to fit in and play his role, but dealing with outside information always eating at him, and not always positive. It ended up putting him in a very difficult position. He's had to deal with a lot of different people's opinions being shot at him. That's where I think he has grown, and will continue to grow, on being his own man, using his own common sense. Being part of the meetings and the offense, he knows better than the outsiders what is going on."
And this is why I ask: Is DeSean Jackson the next Eric Lindros? Will Bill Jackson become the next Carl Lindros? Only time will tell, but I have a feeling that the Eagles will not waste their time to set the record straight either with Jackson's family. Bill Jackson through the article said that Andy Reid should not be concerned. He'll rarely make his way to Philadelphia. As you can see, Jackson's father is rather vocal and though he wants to be a good parent, he might not be doing as good of a job of letting DeSean to develop into a man.


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