Smith Jersey Bound?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008 ·

According the Philadelphia Inquirer,
The Flyers and other sources expect captain and defensemen, Jason Smith, to sign with the New Jersey Devils this summer. Because of this, the Flyers tried to move him at the trade deadline, but they never received a decent enough offer.

The Edmonton Journal reported yesterday that Flyers captain Jason Smith will sign with New Jersey this summer as an unrestricted free agent. The Flyers have not extended his contract and, according to Western scouts, tried unsuccessfully to move the defenseman at the trade deadline. The Devils had tried to get Smith at the deadline, according to one league official, but were not willing to offer a decent return. The Flyers expect Smith to sign with New Jersey this summer, anyway.
After talks slowed down earlier this year, I think we all expected Jason Smith to not remain with the Flyers after this year. The Flyers can use his $2 million cap number and apply to Jeff Carter, RJ Umberger, Randy Jones, or Patrick Thoresen (if they plan to resign him). Jason Smith's defensive ability was inconsistent at times, but he is the Philadelphia type of player. He did everything a captain is supposed to do. Smith will be 35 next season and that may be the biggest reason why the Flyers are not looking to give him any form of long-term commitment.

The Flyers currently have 5 defensemen under contract for next season (Timonen, Hatcher, Kukkonen, Coburn, and Parent). Randy Jones is a restricted free-agent and Modry, Smith, and Fitzpatrick are all unrestricted.
Here is a list of potential free-agent defensemen.


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