Kevin Jones Dreams to Be An Eagle

Saturday, March 15, 2008 ·

Recently released Kevin Jones, a former Cardinal O'Hara player, has said he wouldn't mind playing for the Eagles and said that they were one of the twelve teams interested in his services.

"When the Lions drafted me, it came as a big shock, because they weren't that much in the picture. It wasn't my dream situation. It would be a dream, however, to play for the Eagles. Going back to Philly, with all my relatives and friends back there, that's home to me. Chester will always be home to me. I have a real support system there in Philadelphia. Playing for the Eagles would be great."
Kevin Jones suffered a torn ACL in his right knee last December after coming back from a Lisfranc injury in his left foot. Last year he rushed for 581 yards and a career-best eight touchdowns.
"I'll be ready by July, I'm ahead of schedule right now and I still, I know I can still play in the NFL," Jones said. "I just look at this whole thing as another challenge. I've faced doubts and challenges my whole life, so this is nothing new for me. I've overcome injuries, so rehabbing is nothing new. My knee right now feels real good."
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Kevin Jones would be a nice addition for the Eagles even with his injury history. They would likely not have to make a huge commitment to him and he's a bigger back (6'1" 230 lbs) that could add a change of pace to the backfield. He can also catch out of the backfield, which he proved in 2006 with 61 receptions. Jones also mentioned that he would love to play alongside Brian Westbrook. Jones would be a huge upgrade over Buckhalter as he could actually move to pile.

Another offensive "weapon" the Eagles may look at is recently released wide receiver Darrell Jackson. After coming off a great 2006 season with Seattle, Jackson was traded to San Francisco, where he struggled. ProFootballTalk reports that Philadelphia is one of four likely destinations for Jackson as he looking to join a West Coast offense. The other destinations mentioned are Minnesota, Tampa Bay, and Washington. The Eagles might be able to get him relatively cheap as he'll be looking to prove some after a down season. You have to think the Eagles will at least be interested in him. He's a veteran wide receiver that could help the team.


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