The Injured Trio of Pitchers

Monday, March 10, 2008 ·

Today, Adam Eaton, Kris Benson, and Brad Lidge all through off the mound today. Neither pitcher experienced any problems and felt good.

"I don't feel it at all," said Lidge, who threw from a mound for the first time since having arthroscopic knee surgery two weeks ago. "Not that I'm trying to feel it, but I didn't have to think about it when I was throwing. That's very encouraging. I'm happy with the results."
Pitching coach, Rich Dubee, said Lidge looked very impressive. Adam Eaton said that he felt comfortable enough to resume his competition for the fifth starter's job. Dubee also said that pitcher Kris Benson threw very well.

Personally, I could not careless about any Adam Eaton news because the more he is injured the less he pitches. The news on Benson and Lidge is what I like to hear. It seems more and more likely that Lidge will be ready to pitch by opening day. If not, we're playing the Nationals in the first series and we should be able to beat them by 3 or more runs. With regard to Benson, his progression seems to become more positive each day and he may be ready by the end of April, which could be a huge lift for the Phillies if he can be somewhat productive. The inefficiency of both Kendrick and Eaton this spring has some fans scratching their head. I am still shocked that we have not signed Kyle Lohse for 1 year, $4 million he is looking for.


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