Eagles Franchise Tag LJ Smith

Friday, February 8, 2008 ·

In a rare occurrence, a franchise tag was used in a successful manner to help both parties when the Eagles placed the "non-exclusive" franchise tag on tight end LJ Smith. Under the terms of the franchise tag, Smith has been offered a one-year tender in the amount of the average of the five highest paid tight ends in the NFL in 2007. Smith is allowed to sign the one year deal, negotiate a long-term deal, or listen to offers from other teams. If another team signs Smith, the Eagles can try to match the offer or they can decline and receive two first round draft picks from that team.

I really like this move by the Eagles because LJ Smith was the top free-agent tight end available. By applying the franchise tag, the Eagles can let the market determine his long-term value, but it also gives LJ smith the opportunity to re-showcase himself after his oft-injured year.

"L.J. Smith has been a very productive tight end in our offense," said head coach Andy Reid in a statement. "He is healthy and working his tail off so he can have a very successful 2008 season."

"Any player wants a long-term deal. That's what you want - (to be) secure in your job, in your family," said Smith. "I've always said I've wanted to be here and I think this is another opportunity to showcase myself."

"I understand why I didn't get a long-term deal," said Smith. "I feel great right now. I'm healthy. Nothing is going to keep me from performing at a high level again.
A healthy Smith is very important to the Eagles and their west-coast offense.


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